Our Globalization Missions

    Our Globalization Missions The department strives to study the societal and economical contexts, as well as the educational systems, of many more or less advanced countries, such as the United States , the United Kingdom , Germany , France , Spain , Japan , Canada , New Zealand , Australia , and Russia .

     In other words, the teaching and research of the department centers around global educational affairs of both developed and developing countries. During 2005 – 2014, there are more than 120 students (BA, MA and Doctoral students) going to England, France, Germany, Finland, Norway, Spain, Hong Kong, Mainland China and Japan for short term and long term studies. 

    At the same time, there are also full-time international students from Canada, United Stated, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Burma, Indonesia, and Macau studying BA, MA and Phd. programs in the department. These students have contributed to a lively multicultural learning environment for all.